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Most associations should have 5 directors

We see a few Condominium or Homeowners’ Associations with only three directors serving a one year term and some larger Associations with seven or nine directors. There is a benefit to larger Master Homeowners’ Associations, with many neighborhoods and condominiums, to have many directors so that each of the various sub-communities have a representative on […]

Keeping drones from being a nuisance in your community

We keep hearing that delivery companies will soon be delivering packages to our doorsteps by drones. Developers and realtors are using drone footage as marketing tools. Hobbyist and kids are flying them around in their spare time. How should your Condominium or Homeowners’ Association handle the growing number of drone use from becoming a nuisance […]

New directors must sign the form or go to class

Last month we talked about what owners must do to run for the board in a Condominium or Homeowners” Association. This month we will discuss what document a newly elected or appointed director in a Condominium Association, Cooperative Association, or Homeowners’ Association must sign to be in compliance with State Law requirements. Florida law says […]

How to prevent bad actors from slipping into your community under radar

So you have pretty good up to date governing documents. You require all prospective owners and tenants to apply for your Association’s approval before they can occupy a home or condominium unit. You limit the number and duration of leases allowed per year; maybe no more than three (3) times for year for no less […]

I beg your pardon, Florida has promised you a rose garden

This was a slim 2019 legislative session when it came to new laws affecting Condominium or Homeowners’ (HOA) Associations with only 2 new laws passed. In House Bill 7103, older condominiums over 75 feet tall got another last minute reprieve from having to retrofit their buildings with fire sprinklers, opt-out or adopt an engineered life […]

Minimizing adverse effects of investor landlords

There has been a growing phenomenon in Southwest Florida of investor corporations, limited liability companies or trusts buying homes in neighborhoods and units in condominiums whose investor owners have no intention of ever living in the home or unit. They are looking for rental investment income. They want to just lease the units to whomever […]